Adventurous storytelling for the wandering souls.

This is where my heart & my passion are. Not just sharing a photo with a good edit, but telling your story & telling it truthfully & beautifully. 

I would take my dads camcorder & my brother & I would recreate our favorite scenes from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Our parents favorite was our reenactment of Nacho Libre. As I got older & watched more & more movies I so desperately wanted to create the pieces that moved hearts & incited change.  I studied film in college & began to actually understand & learn the ins & outs of storytelling.  How framing a shot just so, makes you feel something. How lighting can bring romance alive. 

There are countless ways to transform a scene or a photo with the right angle. The details of you are what matter most to me! It’s not just about the perfect location & the perfect dress- it’s about what you want & the shots that make you swoon! I’m here to get the giggles you share when no one is looking (except me!) I’m here for the awkward parts where you hate your picture being taken but I’ll distract you from it & make you feel comfortable! I’m your girl for listening to your vision & making sure the photos we get are your best side, always! I will guide you through the best poses to make you both look amazing & feel incredible at the same time!!I’m here for you & your moments. 

"Growing up I always wanted to be a filmmaker."




Eternal hype man! There is literally nothing I can’t find positivity in and a chance to encourage and uplift 

Coffee enthusiast. I was a barista for 10 years and even did competitions 

Film nerd: I follow directors like groupies follow bands

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